On Thursday, September 14th The New York Design Center celebrated its building-wide annual “What’s New, What’s Next Event.  Plexi-Craft’s showroom featured a discussion panel with three distinguished New York designers: Robin Baron,  Steven FavreauDrew McGukin and moderator Patrick Hamilton.

A very spirited discussion ensued about “New Innovations in Acrylic Furnishings” and the Plexi-Craft showroom was packed to maximum capacity of about a hundred people sipping wine and snacking on hors d’oeuvres.  Acrylic is hot right now given the desire for clean lines, minimalist designs, and small spaces, especially in NYC.  Mixing different material with acrylic was a big part of the discussion and the fact that acrylic (or trade names: Lucite, Perspex) is transparent allows it to complement any color scheme. This benefit alone makes a designers job more straightforward.

Several thousand designers and trade professionals visited the New Your Design Center at 200 Lexington Avenue and roamed through the Plexi-Craft all crystal-clear acrylic showroom.  It was an amazing success with tremendous interest in the family-owned business’ innovative luxury products.  The hour-long discussion was streamed live on Instagram and posted permanently on Youtube under Plexi-Craft’s,  “What’s New, What’s Next” 2017 Designer Discussion Panel.

What's New What's Next The Panelists Great Event!

The New Realm Line

Every participating showroom is required to unveil a new product on this day and Plexi-Craft took the opportunity to introduce, for the first time ever, its exciting “Realm Line” that mixes natural wood with modern acrylic.  The Realm Line was designed by Plexi-Craft’s own designers and engineers, and hand-crafted in-house like all its products, in NYC over the last 50 years.  

The Realm Line boasts a pristine two-inch thick solid oak slab floating in perfect harmony on two crystal-clear acrylic legs.  Absolutely no hardware is visible and its highest quality construction assures it will last for many, many decades.   

It has perfectly clean lines and exact 90-degree angles and it is considered the epitome of a much sought after simple, ultra-chic modern style.  Like all its masterpieces, The Realm is custom-made to any size specification desired and it can be a dining room table, console table, side table or bench.

New Realm Line

If you are a Designer, register on the Plexi-Craft website to get your direct access to designer net pricing for this piece, and all Plexi-Craft pieces, including tear sheets.