Working With Us

Your Ability to Deliver is Our Measure of Success

Precision permeates our entire culture. We’re as demanding on ourselves as your clients are with you.

This unswerving focus on your requirements is our source of accuracy in:

  • Quotes,
  • Lead times,
  • Delivery dates, and
  • Utmost care in handling

Your Brilliant Design Deserves Impeccable Precision

Thanks to your eye for excellence, every day offers new challenges. Every work becomes a masterpiece.

It’s why custom work brings us such joy. Our design team stands ready to respond to:

  • A rough sketch that you want executed.
  • A specific function you wish to satisfy.
  • A vintage piece of acrylic item you recall from elsewhere.
  • An image in another material – wood, metal, ceramic.

Our team will collaborate with you and modify any design to meet your specs:

  • Dimension
  • Thickness
  • Color
  • Configuration
  • Angles, shapes and curves

Lead Times Half The Norm

A dedication to ingenuity and precision might lead one to expect understandable delays in producing artisanal handcrafted custom furniture.

“Quite the opposite,” informs President Allen Frechter. “If a designer or architect will involve us early in their plans, we can help them reduce the overall timeline for incorporating the material into their design.”

With decades of experience preventing rework and bottlenecks, every person working on a piece is focused on communicating well with the client so you get what you envisioned, on time and on spec.

“It’s a winning combination of creative thinking and reliable production,” Frechter says. “That’s a formula we don’t tinker with.”

Ready to Challenge Us?

Choose your preferred method to open a dialogue:

  • Call 1-877-900-3174 to discuss your needs.
  • Email your images, photos, sketches, ideas or questions and we will respond with a quote.
  • Contact one of our trade showrooms.

Why Acrylic?

Marketed as Lucite™, Plexiglas™ or other brand names, acrylic is renowned by architects and designers for both versatility and beauty:

  • Acrylic is the one material that yields pieces of substance, yet with a lightness and clarity that never dominates design.
  • The warmth of acrylic offers a luxurious feel not found in glass or metal.
  • The stunning clarity of acrylic eliminates barriers–perfect for accentuating breathtaking views.
  • Acrylic refracts the colors around it and brings cohesion to a room. This makes it the ideal centerpiece in your design or perfect accent material.
  • The flawless simplicity of acrylic eliminates the need for you to seek client approval of color, finish, texture or grain.