Our Legacy

50 Years of Making Your Vision a Reality

The Signature Collection is Plexi-Craft’s exclusive to-the-trade luxury furnishings division for artisan handcrafted brilliantly clear furniture.

For more than 50 years, family-owned Plexi-Craft has been designing and fabricating custom pieces exclusively in New York City.

Clearly Anything You Can Imagine

Over the years Plexi-Craft has become synonymous with precision, reliability and stretching creative boundaries to satisfy clients.

At any point in time our design team is collaborating with award-winning architects and interior designers to satisfy their equally accomplished and discriminating clientele.

Given a sketch or written description, they envision the final form and translate it into a custom design. Every piece can be scaled, modified or customized to match your vision.

Handcrafted from Beginning to End

Everything touched by our artisans is hand fitted and worked to precision using the care of an old world watchmaker. Our most important tool is the craftsman’s experienced eye. That personal embrace of the material is why our craftsmen love working on such elegant pieces.

A History of Quality

Plexi-Craft is unique among custom acrylic furniture manufacturers, having been located in New York City since its founding in the 1960’s.

Many of the “mid-century” acrylic antiques you see at vintage furniture shops were made by Plexi-Craft. In addition, the company has been owned and managed by one family since 1972.

Originally located in the Chelsea area of Manhattan, all custom work is still performed exclusively in New York City.