Design Assistance


Custom acrylic chairs, furniture, sculptures – You name it, we can help.

Challenge Us!

Custom acrylic chairs and products are our specialty, and the Plexi-Craft design team offers assistance to make your own decorating vision a reality.

We continue to shatter the concept of “impossible” and surprise even the most seasoned designers. With four decades of custom acrylic fabrication and design, we offer insights you won’t find elsewhere.

You can show us:

  • Your own rough sketch that you want executed.
  • A specific function you need to satisfy.
  • An acrylic item you have seen elsewhere (vintage, etc.)


Exacting standards? Cutting edge visions?

Those are just part of our everyday vocabulary at Plexi-Craft. Short lead times and reliable communication are additional benefits of manufacturing performed right in the USA by expert craftsmen.

We offer you:

  • Solutions – tell us what you need in function, aesthetics, budget and we will come up with a design.
  • Expertise – we have some extremely talented people on staff who have a great ability to sit down (in person or by phone) and take what may be a fuzzy concept and turn it into a producible design. This is why so many of our clients come back to us time and again.
  • Time savings – we can cut the production time substantially when a designer/architect comes to us early in the process to discuss requirements. Give us a call first.


We challenge you to challenge us! No design is too outrageous!

Call our Design Team Today at (212) 924-3244

We’re standing by to provide personal attention and get your order started for custom acrylic chairs, tables, furniture, and accent pieces.

It can often help if you email or fax your images, photos, sketches, ideas or questions prior to our discussion. Just be sure to include all of your contact information and we will respond to begin developing a quote.