For us at the Plexi-Craft team, the medium of Acrylic is constantly being explored. Sometimes it’s large sweeping pieces that break open new ground, other times we’ve found it’s small keys that open the big doors.

It’s the combination of the little touches combined with exceptional furnishings when our pieces really come to life.

In preparation for the “Best of the Year” awards, Plexi-Craft is proud to introduce the Iceland game table. Our troop of artisans made sure that the crisp, clean combination of a crystal-clear acrylic and a gleaming ultra-clear starphire glass top created a sleek minimalist new way to play the classic game.


Iceland Game Table


This full-size tournament chess board and pieces seemingly float on a frame of fine acrylic that has been peerlessly cut, glued and buffered by our expert team of NYC artisans. Our crew made sure to keep the focus of the table around the game board itself so we experimented with a variety of different thicknesses to use. The result is a table with the strength and solidarity of strong hardwood and yet the optical clarity of ice.


Iceland Game Table Early Grame


Our craftsmen know this material better than anybody in the world and they understand the perfect ratio of glass to acrylic needed to center the board in the Iceland game table. The transparency and precision are so precise that you’ll believe the board itself is floating mid-air.

We really had fun re-designing and handcrafting each individual chess piece. Coming up with a style that embodied the game while adding something new was a unique challenge, it involved a lot of drawing, modelmaking and of course, playing chess! Unlike your regular plastic set, our crew wanted to handcraft each lone figurine rather than mold them, meaning there are no seams. The end result is silken streamlined chess set. Each lustrous chess piece, from the humble pawn to the magnificent King, has been hand-cut, sanded and polished to perfection.




Lastly, the chess board can be easily lifted out and swapped with a solid white leather insert so the entire top is flush, great for a coffee or small dining table.

Given its transparency, the Iceland game table is a compliment to any living room decor. It can be tucked into a quiet nook for the most serious match, or it can be a stunning centerpiece display so all may appreciate its visual beauty. No matter if you are grandmaster or a beginner, this is the game table you have been waiting for.


Iceland Game Table Checkmate