At Plexi-Craft we’re constantly experimenting with the boundaries we can push Acrylic to. Typically the high quality Acrylic we use is ludicrously transparent- at the correct angle, you can’t see our furniture! We design around this core transparency to make each of our pieces crystal clear and to make them glitter in the light.  

Recently we tried exploring different effects with our sleek material- we do this in two methods:

The first is called the chipped ice effect: You can see these in Our recent Diamante Series, Including the diamante side table, coffee table and console table. The chipped ice is a hand crafted surface texture that involves our crew skillfully working with hammers and chisels to chip away excess pieces of Acrylic- We do this very precisely to make sure the cracks are just deep enough to let the perfect amount of light through. This gives the pieces a “bubble” effect as the light is refracted in all directions!



The second method is the frozen series. We do this lustrous translucent effect by applying special buffer to each of the pieces rather than polishing them to it makes them permanently cloudy. A wonderful side effect of applying this surface texture is how it changes the surface texture of the Acrylic furniture. Normally our furniture feels warm to the touch unlike glass, however with the Frozen effect the surface feels slightly cooler- really completing the ice-like quality of the piece!



Do you like these effects? Send us a sketch or design and we can work to make any shape or size frozen of cracked!

Happy Designing!