This piece was nominated for “best product design” at the South Hampton IDA Awards for Cottages and Gardens 2018! These stunning, ultra clear Crescent Chairs are each completely hand carved from one solid slab of pristine acrylic in order to create the mid-century modern masterpiece you see before you today.

We’ve created pieces made from bent sheets before- pieces such as the Soho Chair and Tudor Chair are made from us stenciling a piece of acrylic then bending the whole sheet around to fit your back.  

We’ve always been fascinated by the heating and bending process- it involves us heating the entire piece in what could only be described as a ginormous pizza oven! We decided to try making a statement piece of furniture that shows off our crews capabilities when working with the material, essentially creating a piece purely from one sheet with no decals or patterns applied.

The Crescent chairs are a gemstone for Plexi-Craft products: look at them from one angle and you will barely see them, take a look from another shot and the pieces will reflect, distort and refract a great deal of light. Using only one sheet of Acrylic means that all the light hitting the chair bounces back together. This gives the Crescent chairs a very natural look as it’s a similar method to how large bodies of water reflect light.

One of the key components of Plexi-Craft chairs and stools is the upholstery- since we mainly deal with colorless see-through Acrylic, the correct upholstery is essential for us to provide the necessary splash of color that furniture can require standing out. The King George bar stool and the Chelsea Round Stool are both chairs whose upholstery is the finish touch to the design. With the Crescent chair this is certainly the case- we wanted these seats to really pop out in contrast to the subtle backs. Best of all, if you provide Plexi-Craft with your own material, we can easily apply the pieces to these chairs.

While these pieces look elegant, they are by no means delicate- this Acrylic is ¾” thick- certainly enough to  give these chairs a strong standing in your living room or breakfast nook.

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