At Plexi-Craft here in NYC over the last half century we have constantly looked to re-think and refine new and exciting pieces of furniture.  Many styles of furniture will appear completely different when applied from a transparent material.  When you hand-craft from acrylic the visual outcome can be a surprised, and in this case the results are simply stunning.

Recently our team put it upon themselves to crystalize a concept we have been working on for years: a 100% acrylic crib with minimal metal hardware that is strategically placed to maximize transparency!  And we wanted it to be practical too.

Finding unique luxurious designer cribs these days is a challenge: you want to balance the perfect décor of your newly created nursery while also making sure your special little person is comfortable, safe and happy.

We sketched out multiple different concepts for this crib- each one with different ideas of where the solid acrylic panel should be placed and where the traditional crib bars should intersect to let the baby have an unobstructed 365 degree look-around.  Eventually we settled on two different designs: a larger version with a four poster canopy, and a version the same size but without a canopy.


Further developments got us thinking: as your special little guy or girl gets bigger, wouldn’t it be nice to use the crib for a lot longer?  The floors on both cribs are adjustable to different heights – you can move the floor down a two further levels as your child gets taller!

Our cribs can be assembled and dissembled for easy transportation.  We actually white glove deliver the crib to your home and put it in place for you.  It is a very solid and sturdy piece of furniture, and weights about 250 pounds (275 pounds with canopy).  Not only does the ability to disassemble the crib make it  transportable, it allows you to remove the front side so it is fully convertible to a permanent toddler bed.



Safety was over Paramount importance.  We used a variety of computer modelling tasks and physical  tests to make sure that these cribs were solid and safe and met all US health saftey standards as determined by a certified independent test facility!  These cribs have no sharp edged and are 100% non-toxic and recyclable.



This final result is a stunning and practical crib that blends to your superb nursery.  The frame is completely see-through, the perfect way to keep an eye on your newborn from every angle, and your newborn to keep an eye on you!  Enjoy your most amazing crib and toddler bed made and sold only by Plexi-Craft.