One of our most interesting projects came about when designing for one of our interesting clients- Sarah Jessica Parker Collection! These fantastic shoe stores were designed to show off the most colorful and dazzling display of shoes- so naturally they wanted some sleek displays from Plexi-Craft!  

SJP Collection required two very different and intriguing pieces: The first was a Fawn Wall Display to showcase individual shoes. For this piece we worked with architects and designers to suspend the multiple layered frames on hard to see brackets attached to the wall. This gave off the appearance that the piece was indeed floating, Looking at the display from the right angle you can barely see the shelves- the perfect construct to show off the latest and greatest in designer shoe wear without distraction.

For all custom projects within Plexi-Craft, we take care to listen and appreciate the needs and requirements of our clients, this is why we create detailed virtual models before we begin construction.  These models not only allow us to make changes where our clients would prefer, they allow us to test any structural requirements to make sure the pieces are incredibly safe. We even use powerful rendering software to apply virtual light sources so that you will have a good idea of how their final piece shall appear in a well lit room!

Some of our Plexi-Craft crew who build our amazing pieces have been working with Acrylic for over thirty years- there is simply no-one better to hand craft your pieces. Our factory team work tirelessly together to make sure the piece can be made quickly to the exact specifications: For the Ffawn wall we took into consideration that we would need to install the piece levitating on the wall. As a result this piece was made piece by piece then slotted together before delivery.



Finally our team give every piece a final polish to make sure that it’s crystal clear to see through. For the SJP collection we made sure to make our shelves highly transparent so no matter what angle your looking through, the Shoes of SJP burst through.

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The other Design for SJP was a specially made version of our popular Serena Game Table with a larger mirrored top- a thicker top heavy ring and thinner legs.  For this construction we used specialized software to see how the mirror would reflect light while the Acrylic would let light through and refract it.


Our crew worked within the very precise measurements to bring this table to life- the legs were meticulously buffered- sanded and polished to give them a very slight inward shape, completely the look was the perfectly circular hand cut Acrylic top!

Finally we had a custom cut mirror top applied and polished to reflect the gorgeous shoes placed on top. Needless to say, both pieces give off a very clear message: SJp shoes are the greatest!



Don’t take our word for it, visit the SJP collection yourself at 6 W 52nd St, New York, NY 10019 and now at 93 South Street at the South Street seaport.

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Happy shoe shopping!