Sarah Jessica Parker displays her SJP collection shoes on custom crystal-clear Étagère and an Icicle Pedestal produced by Plexi-Craft.


The Plexi-Craft Étagère shoe display consists of shelves made from 1” thick acrylic for a stunning display. This piece can be modified and changed very easily to suit any of your storage requirements. If a client has the most intricate artwork to display, or if they want to display your product in an innovative way, this is the Étagère for them.

SJP showrooms can be found in the Diamond District, West Village, and the South Street Seaport.

From Sarah Jessica Parker:

“In February 2014, George and I launched the SJP Collection. We founded our footwear collection upon three main pillars: delivering quality products, using color and sparkle as a neutral, and giving the single sole a new heartbeat. We arrived in NYC the same month of the same year and share many fashion references from those early days on the island of Manhattan and those points of inspiration have played an influential role in our design process. As well, we both agreed that our shoes had to be handmade in Italy which enjoys a long tradition of being considered the home of the finest shoemakers in the world.

The collection we are offering has been thoughtfully detailed to include a combination of what we call our “Evergreens” (the silhouettes that we will always have and never take away from you and always update with new colors!) as well as current styles and exclusives that can’t be found anywhere else.”