A Look Back into Sarah Jessica Parker’s Seaport Store

A few months ago we completed one of our most ambitious and exciting projects – creating custom furniture for the Sarah Jessica Parker Collection at the NY South Street Seaport!  You can see all about the development of the exquisite piece we created for the store here: https://www.plexi-craft.com/plexi-craft-sarah-jessica-parker-collection/

We decided to take a look back one sunny morning to see how the final pieces looked finished, topped off with a wonderful collection of Ms. Parker’s shoes!

Immediately when you enter her wonderfully well lit and colorful store you’ll notice at the centerpiece is our custom made round acrylic Serena Table.  This glimmering mirror was specially designed with thinner legs and top mirror that extended to the very edge of the table – it really shows off the shoes in multiple dimensions.


Of course your eyes will be taken to the elegant displays of single shoes. However, take a closer look and see the custom stands each of these shoes have been placed on – we made sure the precise measurements of each pillar was perfect for the varying heights to catch the eye!

But the main attraction shall of course be the breathtaking, now famous, acrylic Fawn Wall shoes etagere with a vast variety of colorful heels!  The color of each shoe bounces around on the inside of the acrylic shelf – it’s like each shoe is surrounded by it’s own distinct aura!

All pieces are handcrafted right here in SJP’s home town of New York City only 15 miles north.

Be sure to check out the latest SJP store at Seaport, located at 93 South Street. If you like any of the furniture designs you’ve seen here, be sure to give us a call or send us an email and we can make your dream a reality!