Choose from any of our acrylic designs for office, bath, or kitchen, including mirrors, accents, or acrylic podiums, acrylic lecturns, acrylic pulpits, or acrylic risers, (acrylic is also known as Plexiglas or Lucite). Any of our popular designs can be customized by size, thickness, color or configuration to meet your needs.

  • brackets-for-shelving-1425320974-jpg

    Brackets for Shelving

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  • wall-mounted-hooks-1425323882-jpg

    Wall Mounted Hooks

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  • round-towel-rod-1425324276-jpg

    Round Towel Rod

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  • cleaning-products-1425324329-jpg

    Cleaning Products

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  • coat-rack-1425321482-jpg

    Coat Rack

  • towel-ring-1425324572-jpg

    Towel Ring

  • 36-x-10-shelf-and-2-brackets-1425321687-jpg

    36" x 10" Shelf and 2 Brackets

  • serving-tray-1425325325-jpg

    Serving Tray

  • record-cube-1425321955-jpg

    Record Cube

  • luggage-rack-1425322537-jpg

    Luggage Rack

  • guest-towel-holder-1425326044-jpg

    Guest Towel Holder