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Custom Acrylic Furniture


Acrylic lamps add brightness and warmth to any living or office space (acrylic is also known as Plexiglas or Lucite). Any of our popular designs can be customized by size, thickness, color or configuration to meet your needs. Browse here first and then explore how to Enhance our Designs. You can also Add Options such as Glass Tops, Cushions, Monograms, and Wheels.

  • cube-lamp-1380562256-jpg

    Cube Lamp

  • emerald-lamp-large-1366745322-jpg

    Emerald Lamp Small

  • large-cube-lamp-1380562288-jpg

    Large Cube Lamp

  • large-emerald-lamp-1380665170-jpg

    Large Emerald Lamp

  • square-lamp-1380643856-jpg

    Square Lamp